Monday, August 23, 2010

Oz is in the Stars

Today's horoscope:
The travel bug hasn't just arrived -- it's taken control of your imagination, sparking an uncontrollable urge to get somewhere you've always wanted to go. At the moment, getting there is more important than almost anything else. Fortunately, you know how to make it happen.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Travel - flirting with life

I love the unfamiliar. I'm content when I'm on my own, in an unknown destination, where I can venture out to new places and meet new people.  Solo traveling is definitely a challenge.  The trip planning is exciting, the adventures can be lonely, but every experience is magnified.  Knowing that you are the only one, in that moment of time, to take cover in the top of midevil Beynac just before a sudden thunderstorm witness prehistoric cave paintings in the darkness of Font de Gaume...or to hear a lion's roar that shakes the ground in Kruger -  unbelievable.  I live for these stellar moments.  Traveling solo brings a sense of clarity and empowerment.  

Daintree Rainforest. That was my discovery this time. The oldest living rainforest in the world.  More research.  Jenolan Caves. Australia. Great Barrier Reef. A little bit of everything. Perfect. Now the travel planning begins...